What to know when facing prison time
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What to know when facing prison time

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Firm News

There are countless concerns that someone might have when facing potential jail or prison time. It is an incredibly nerve-wracking situation to be involved in and it is important to know that there are various things to keep in mind when dealing with a situation like this.

Reducing sentences:

A criminal sentence can vary from being charged with a fine or doing community service to prison sentences. People can ask for a sentence reduction, yet it is typically advisable that they seek this reduction. If this is done, then the prisoner and his or attorney can file a motion known as “motion for modification of sentence”.  Once this is done, a judge will set a hearing to hear more about the request.

Other reasons why people might get reductions are due to their age or their mental capacity. In some cases, the prisoner was wrongly convicted and his or her sentence will be officially lifted. Sometimes, new information will be available about the case, such as new evidence, that can potentially lower the prisoner’s sentence.

Strategies to keep in mind:

There are a series of things that a prisoner can keep in mind when looking to have his or her sentence reduced:

  1. Presumptive parole.
  2. Second-looking sentencing
  3. To receive the granting of good time
  4. Parole eligibility after serving 15 years
  5. Retroactive sentence reduction
  6. Cutting parole revocations due to technical violations
  7. Compassionate release
  8. Commutation

All of these are important to keep in mind when looking to have your sentencing reduced but it is vital to discuss this over with an attorney who understands how the criminal justice system works.