Scott F. Riordan Is The Remedy

Are you accused of a crime? Before you do anything else, stop. You need a lawyer. Attorney Scott Riordan is a former prosecutor turned fierce defense lawyer. With over two decades of award-winning defense experience, he is the man to fix your problems.

Don’t Let A Criminal Charge Harm Your Future

When the jury returns with a guilty verdict, your life changes forever. The consequences go far beyond time in jail or fines; you face a lifetime of difficulties obtaining employment, finding a place to live and trying to shed a reputation you do not want. The best thing you can do for yourself now, when the accusations are still new, is find an attorney who will fight for you and who knows how to win.

Scott Riordan is a well-respected criminal defense attorney with years of experience. He takes on even the most difficult criminal cases, including allegations of:

  • Murder and homicide
  • Child pornography, sexual assault and sex offenses
  • Drug and firearms possession
  • Drunk driving and other violations

There is a future for you. Let Scott F. Riordan Law help you get there.

Why New York Turns To Scott F. Riordan After An Arrest

The Scott F. Riordan approach underscores Mr. Riordan’s commitment to our community. At Law Office of Scott F. Riordan, we understand the important of your time and your needs, which is why we offer services including:

  • Detailed analysis of your case and circumstances
  • Nuanced strategy development informed by experience
  • Strong execution when negotiating with prosecutors and in court

For years, when people in western New York are brought into police custody or are facing a criminal allegation, they have relied upon Mr. Riordan to stand up for their rights.

Aggressive Criminal Defense In New York State

Defend Your Rights

The actions you take today will determine the way your case goes moving forward. Take this opportunity to ensure the prosecution respects your rights. Call the firm call our office.